Improvers Bridge Lessons at Narrabeen

Improvers Bridge Lessons with John Roberts
at Narrabeen Bridge Club

2pm to 4.30pm Wednesdays 29 March, 12, 19 & 26 April, 10, 17 & 31 May

These are easy intermediate lessons suitable for players who would like to improve their bidding strategies and card play skills. Each lesson deals with a different subject so you may attend any one of the lessons.

Lesson 1 The Opener Part 1 – Bidding Strategy and Suit Opening Bids
29 March Hand valuation, opening bids and rebids with a trump fit; leads and play in trump contracts.
Lesson 2 The Opener Part 2 – Single Suiters and Two Suiters
12 April Opening bids and rebids with unbalanced hands; when to delay drawing trumps.
Lesson 3 The Opener Part 3 – Notrump Opening Bids and Rebids
19 April Strength for notrump openings and rebids; leads and declarer play in notrump contracts.
Lesson 4 The Responder Part 1 – Raises, New Suits and Notrumps
26 April Weak and strong raises; new suit and notrump responses; unblocking and promoting.
Lesson 5 The Responder Part 2 – Responses to Notrump Opening Bids
10 May Stayman and transfer responses with weak and strong hands; finesse suit combinations.
Lesson 6 Defensive Bidding Part 1 – Overcalls
17 May Weak and strong overcalls; weak and strong responses to overcalls; strategies in defence.
Lesson 7 Defensive Bidding Part 2 – Doubles
31 May Takeout doubles and balancing doubles; responses to doubles; planning the play.

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$20 per lesson members, $24 non-members, includes comprehensive notes.

Enquiries and bookings phone 9979 9099