Back to Basics Lessons

Back to Basics Bridge Lessons
with John Roberts

These lessons will review the main principles of the Standard Bidding System and the most important strategies when leading and playing as declarer. Each lesson deals with a different subject so you may attend either or both lessons.

Lesson 1 – Opening and responding
Tuesday 2 January
The aim of the system; assessing hand strength and opening at the one level; raises with a trump fit and new suit responses with no trump fit; notrump responses; leads and declarer play in trump contracts; leads and declarer play in notrump contracts.

Lesson 2 – Preempts, overcalls and doubles
Tuesday 9 January
Opening at the two level with strong and weak hands; three-level preempts; strategies after an opponent opens – when to pass, when to overcall and when to double; responses to overcalls and doubles; when to delay drawing trumps; the suit management strategies – unblocking, promoting and finessing.

Where: Turramurra Bridge Club, Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra
When: Tuesdays 2 and 9 January 2018
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

Cost: $20 per lesson members, $24 non-members, includes comprehensive notes

Bookings and enquiries 9979 9099

Download Flyer here: Turramurra 2 lesson Back to Basics Jan 2018